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Maternal and Infant Mortality Prevention

New funding, reports, and resources

It's Maternal Health Month and we are sharing a lot of new funding opportunities, resources, and reports related to maternal and infant mortality.

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Eliminating racial and ethnic disparities

Smiling mother holds a newborn to her face

The Department of Health Services (DHS) is committed to equity and racial justice. Families in Wisconsin have been perpetually impacted by severe racial and ethnic disparities, which has led to adverse health and economic outcomes in our state. The Family Health Section in the Bureau of Community Health Promotion has a new unit focusing on achieving equity and eliminating racial and ethnic disparities. Wisconsin must strengthen efforts to assure the best outcomes for all birthing people and babies in the state.

The new Maternal and Infant Mortality Prevention Unit partners with communities and organizations to address the social and economic conditions that can impact maternal and infant health, like high-quality health care access, education, poverty, and racism. The new unit will collaborates closely with the Maternal and Child Health (Title V) program, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), Medicaid (BadgerCare), and partner agencies in order to develop comprehensive approaches to addressing the crisis of inequitable perinatal and infant health in our state.

A call to action

Mom sitting while breastfeeding her child

This new unit is rooted in equity and the centering of community voice to identify the most effective prevention strategies. Looking ahead, the Maternal and Infant Mortality Prevention Unit will bring together partners across the state to align and energize our efforts around our shared goals to improve birth outcomes and the health of birthing persons. Efforts will also include investment in the work of community-based and community-led organizations, health promotion initiatives, dissemination of data and reports, facilitation of capacity-building activities, and implementation of public health prevention strategies to improve birth outcomes in Wisconsin.

Let's work together

We want to partner with communities, organizations, and agencies. In addition to opportunities for collaboration and funding, we want to share relevant information in a timely manner. We encourage you to reach out, join us, review our reports, and request data you can use to organize your own work!

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Meet the unit

The Maternal and Infant Mortality Unit, in the Family Health Section, Bureau of Community Health, is organized into two teams, an Outreach Team and a Maternal Mortality Review Team. The Outreach Team is focused on community engagement and building partnerships. The Maternal Mortality Review Team works to increase awareness of the issues surrounding pregnancy-associated deaths and make recommendations to promote change among individuals, communities, and health care systems. Together, the unit works with partners across the agency and state to address the conditions that can adversely impact maternal and infant health.

Kenmikiiya Terry
Maternal and Infant Mortality Prevention Unit Supervisor

Outreach Team

Hannah Schmidt
Community Partnership Specialist

Mireille Perzan
Maternal and Infant Mortality Epidemiologist/Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) Project Director

Jacqueline Sills-Ware
Community Partnership Specialist

Robert Fontella
Health Education and Outreach Specialist

Maternal Mortality Review Team

Katie Gillespie
Maternal Mortality Review Nurse Abstractor

Emily Morian-Lozano, MPH, MSW
Maternal Mortality Review Epidemiologist

Mary Wienkers, MPH
Maternal Mortality Review Coordinator

Caroline Hayney
Maternal Mortality Review Program Records Gatherer

Karen Morris
Maternal Mortality Review Nurse Abstractor

Last revised March 21, 2023