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People First: Governor Evers' Proposed Budget

Wisconsin faces unprecedented challenges. Governor Evers' proposed 2021-2023 budget puts people first by increasing and improving access to health care, expanding behavioral health services, protecting our neighbors most in need, and ensuring our public health system is robust and responsive. Now is a time for bold action, and instead of retracing our steps to go back to the way things were, we will bounce back a safer, healthier, and more equitable state. Together, we commit to putting people first to meet our challenges moving forward.

Governor Evers' proposed budget puts the people of Wisconsin first.

Many individuals and families cannot afford health insurance in our state. This is a critical need for too many people in Wisconsin, and the situation is especially urgent for Wisconsin’s communities of color. We must take action. Governor Evers’ budget invests in access to affordable health care and commits to policies and funding designed to break down structural inequities and improve health outcomes.

To ensure the right supports are available at the right time for all Wisconsin residents, we are building an integrated behavioral health system that provides prevention, intervention, and treatment services to individuals across their life span in their communities. Governor Evers’ budget invests in behavioral health and substance use disorder services because these services are essential to overall wellness.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of community preparedness and high quality care for Wisconsin residents of all ages. To rebuild together, Governor Evers’ budget invests in our public health and long-term care systems, ensuring every Wisconsinite can live their best life.

Learn more about Governor Evers' proposed budget

Last revised June 24, 2022