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IRIS EVV for Personal Care Services

EVV hard launch

EVV hard launch for personal care and supportive home care services (service codes T1019, T1020, S5125, S5126) begins on May 1, 2023. Read the ForwardHealth Update.

The 21st Century Cures Act, a federal law that was passed in 2016, requires each state, including Wisconsin, to collect visit information using an EVV system. If DHS doesn’t follow this law, Wisconsin will lose money for Medicaid services. After the hard launch on May 1, 2023, there will be consequences for you, the employer, if your non-live-in participant-hired worker is not using EVV as required. These consequences may include disenrollment from IRIS.

Some important points to remember:

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  • EVV is required for self-directed personal care services and routine supportive home care services (S5125, S5126, T1019, T1020).
  • If your worker lives with you, that worker will not have to use EVV. Your IRIS consultant can help you submit the proper paperwork for your live-in worker.
  • Other participant-hired workers (those who do not live with you the participant) will need to use EVV.

Here's how it works

When a worker arrives to care for you, they will do a quick check-in to record visit details. They will use their mobile phone or tablet to enter the date, time, location, and reason. In some cases, they may use a small digital device or your landline telephone. They will check out at the end of the visit too. 

If you need help right away before your worker checks in, that’s okay. The check-in step can be done after your worker makes sure you are all set and fixed in the system later.

Data sent via EVV is secure and compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


As an employer, you will need to make sure your workers are trained and use EVV. The fiscal employer agency (FEA) chooses which EVV system participant-hired workers will use. IRIS consultants can help you find the resources to train your participant-hired workers.

IRIS participants who choose services from a provider agency will not need to train workers for EVV. The provider agency will manage the EVV requirements. These participants do not need to take any action.

IRIS Consultant Resources

Wisconsin EVV Customer Care

Contact us if you have questions or need help.

For more information about your EVV responsibilities as an employer

Last revised March 21, 2023