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Nursing Homes

A place where five or more people (who are not related to the operator) live because they need 24-hour nursing care. This can include limited nursing care, intermediate level nursing care, and skilled nursing services.

Wisconsin Stat. § ch. 50.01(3)

Consumers can learn more about Finding and Choosing a Nursing Home.

Contact us

For questions regarding nursing homes, contact the Division of Quality Assurance (DQA):

For information on dehydration, dietary services, dysphagia, feeding assessments, food safety/infection control, food service operation, malnutrition, menu planning, tube feeding, and other nutrition-related questions, email:

If you need information, these sources can help. If you're not sure who to contact or don't see the topic you need, contact DQA.

Active treatment, intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICF/IID)— (interim)

Activity programming— (interim)

ADL functional assessment— (interim)

Advanced directives— (interim)

Assessments, general—

Behavioral problems—

Care planning—

CMS functions—


Developmental disability levels of care— (interim)

Environmental issues—

Falls assessment—

Federal enforcement—

Fire reporting (within 72 hours)—


Hospice regulations—

Incontinence, urinary/bowel—

Infection control—

Infectious waste—

Life safety code—

Medical records— (interim)

Medical social services— (interim)

Medication administration—

Minimum data set, automation/technical—

Minimum data set, clinical coding—

Nurse aide training and testing—

Pain management—

Palliative care—

Patient rights, hospice—


Plan review—Plan Review Construction/Remodeling of Health Care Facilities

Plans of correction—Regional Offices

Policy and procedure development—

Pressure injury, pressure sore assessments—

Program plan, intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICF/IID)— (interim)

Psychosocial well-being assessment— (interim)

Record requests—

Regulations—Regional Offices or

Resident assessment instrument, education/coding—

Resident/client abuse— (interim)

Resident rights— (interim)

Restraints, physical—

Social services— (interim)

Standard precautions—

State licensure, Medicaid/Medicare certification—

Surety bonds—

Survey inspection process—Regional Offices

Traumatic brain injury (new programs only)—

Waivers, health—

Waiver, life safety code—


Fire reporting

All fires in a licensed facility in Wisconsin must be reported to the Department of Health Services within 72 hours. To report a fire, complete and submit the Health Care Facility Fire Report, F-62500.

For questions regarding fire reporting, contact DQA Fire Authority:

Additional information is provided in DQA numbered memo 17-003 (PDF).

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Last revised January 13, 2023