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Consumer Guide: Provider Search

The Provider Search tool gives you an easy and fast way to find a health or residential care provider in Wisconsin. This includes residential care providers. All providers listed are regulated by Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), Division of Quality Assurance.

Find a provider with Provider Search

How to use Provider Search to find a provider

Follow these steps when using the Provider Search tool.

1. Enter search criteria in Provider Search.

  1. Go to Provider Search.
  2. Use one or more Search Criteria to find a provider. You can search by either:
    • Provider Name.
    • Your location (county, city, state, or ZIP code and the distance you can travel).
    • Provider/Facility Type. For example, if you're looking for adult day care centers, check the Adult Day Care Center checkbox. The results will include providers that offer this service.
  3. Select Search.

2. Select a facility to see more information.

You should see a list of providers that match your search. There's also a Google map with their location(s).

You can sort the list by selecting a column heading. You can also view a printer-friendly version.

When you find a provider that interests you, select the facility name to see more. Many providers have a Survey History section. This shows surveys that the Division of Quality Assurance did in the last three years (does not include hospital providers). The goal of surveys is to make sure providers meet state and federal requirements and offer quality care. Surveys can tell you how many violations a provider has had.

Note: there may be some delay between when the survey happens and when results are posted. If you can't find a survey, email

Learn more about the survey process.

3. Select another provider or do a new search.

At the top or bottom of a provider page, you can select either:

  • Return to Search Results—Go back to the provider listing from your current search.
  • Perform a New Search—Start over at step 1.

Related topics

These resources also may help you find and choose a provider. Select a link to learn more.

Learn about provider types listed in Provider Search

Learn about my rights and/or file a complaint

These resources can help you understand laws that protect you and your care.

  • Client Rights Office—Find out how to get advice about your rights from a team of experts. This office helps people who get services for a disability, mental health, or substance use. They'll tell you more about your rights under the law, Wis. Stat. §§ 51.30 and 51.61, and what they mean.
  • Complaints or Problems with Your Health Care—Find out how to file a complaint about your health care. Includes issues with health and residential care facilities, providers, insurance, and medical bills.
  • End-of-Life Planning—Learn about how to plan for the end of life. Includes details on advance directives, do-not-resuscitate orders, privacy rights, and more.
Last revised October 10, 2022