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Report Abuse, Neglect, or Misappropriation

For the Public and Non-Regulated Treatment Providers

Any person may report abuse or neglect of a client, or misappropriation of client property, by an employee or contractor of a Wisconsin treatment provider. Reports may be submitted anonymously about an event that affected you or someone you know.

Submit a public report

Note: Please see Resources for information about obtaining other types of assistance or reporting other types of concerns to partner protective agencies.

For DQA-Regulated Providers

Treatment providers regulated by the Division of Quality Assurance are required to submit allegations of misconduct through the Misconduct Incident Reporting (MIR) system.

Submit a DQA-regulated Provider report through the MIR system

Reporting Requirements

Wisconsin Stat. ch. 50 146.40(4r)(am) requires treatment providers and agencies that meet the definition of an "entity" to report to DHS any allegation of client abuse or neglect, or misappropriation of the client property (Misconduct Definitions, P-00976 (PDF)) by any individual employed by or under contract with the entity, if the individual is under the control of the entity. Failure to report allegations of client abuse or neglect, or misappropriation of the client property may result in forfeitures, sanctions, or other regulatory action. DQA-regulated providers may review the Wisconsin Caregiver Program Manual, P-00038 for specific background check and misconduct reporting requirements.

Note: Additional reporting requirements and penalties for non-compliance may be contained in state or federal laws governing specific types of treatment providers. See Regulation of Health and Residential Care Providers or contact your Regional Office for information.

Timing Requirements

Most DQA-regulated treatment providers must conduct an investigation and submit allegations of misconduct through the MIR system within seven calendar days of the incident or the date the provider knew or should have known of the incident, except:

Nursing homes must submit an initial, abbreviated report immediately and no later than 24 hours after discovery of the incident or allegation. Nursing homes must also submit an additional, comprehensive report within five working days.

Note: Additional reporting requirements may apply to specific provider types. Please review applicable regulations or consult with the bureau that licenses your program for additional guidance.

Last revised February 1, 2023