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Water: Safe Drinking Water

Why is drinking water important? 

Water keeps our minds and bodies healthy. The amount of water you need depends on your age and other factors. Learn more about the Benefits of Drinking Water.  

Where does drinking water come from?

In Wisconsin, about 66% of people use groundwater as their drinking water source. Groundwater is part of the water cycle. When it rains or snows, water seeps into pores and cracks in the soil. It’s stored in a rock layer in the Earth called an aquifer. This water is supplied to people who live in Wisconsin through a private well or a public water system.

The other 33% of people get their drinking water from Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, or Lake Winnebago. This water is supplied to people through a public water system. 

How do I make sure my tap water is safe to drink?

We all have a role in making sure our drinking water is safe and healthy. Start by learning about your drinking water’s quality and possible Water Concerns.

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Last revised March 23, 2023