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Information About Caretaker Supplement (CTS)

Wisconsin’s Caretaker Supplement (CTS) is a cash benefit available to parents who are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments. Caretaker Supplement is not a Medicaid benefit; it pays cash only to eligible parents.


You must be receiving a Wisconsin SSI payment and your children must meet income and asset requirements for the benefit to be eligible for CTS. Your household must also meet certain non-financial criteria, such as Wisconsin residency. You cannot receive CTS benefits for any of your children who are also receiving SSI. In some cases, 18-year-old children who are still in high school may qualify for CTS benefits. If your children have two parents in the household, both parents must be receiving SSI for the children to be considered for CTS eligibility. If your SSI benefits end, your CTS benefits will also end. Any parent who receives CTS benefits must cooperate with the county child support agency to ensure that any absent parent is paying child support.

You may be eligible for CTS even though your children are not receiving Wisconsin Medicaid. Eligibility for each type of assistance is determined separately by your local agency. CTS benefits may affect the amount of benefits you receive from other assistance programs. Report any changes in your income, assets, or household to your worker.


Parents who receive SSI who are living with and caring for their minor children who have limited income and assets should apply for CTS. You can apply for CTS at your Income Maintenance (IM) agency. If you are already receiving FoodShare, Medicaid, or child care benefits for your children, you should contact the agency to apply for CTS. You cannot apply for CTS at your local Social Security office.


Caretaker Supplement benefits are $250 per month for the first eligible child and $150 per month for each additional eligible child. Caretaker Supplement benefits are paid to SSI members as part of their monthly state SSI benefit. This is not an emergency funding program. Any SSI member who has chosen electronic funds transfer (EFT) for their SSI benefit will have their CTS benefits paid to them through EFT.


Last revised October 4, 2016