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Health Care Renewals

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Complete your renewal to keep your benefits

When you first apply for BadgerCare Plus or another Wisconsin Medicaid program, you tell us about things like your household, income, assets, and insurance. To see if you can keep your benefits, we need to update that information every year. This process is called a renewal.



  • Log in at, use the MyACCESS app, or refer to the letter sent in late March or early April to find your due date. 
  • Don't renew until you get your renewal packet by mail or in your ACCESS account about 45 days before your due date. 
  • Renewing too soon could cause you to lose coverage earlier than necessary.


What to expect at renewal time

  • About two months before your renewal is due, we’ll see if we have updated information on file for you through other state programs. If we do and you still meet the rules for getting benefits, we’ll send you a letter letting you know your benefits will be renewed. This is called an “administrative renewal.”
  • If we don’t have enough information on file, we’ll mail you a renewal packet about one month before your due date. It tells you what you need to do and the due date. Taking action as soon as you get your renewal packet can help make sure you keep your benefits.
  • During your renewal, you will need to update the information we have on file for you. This may include your household details, income, assets, and insurance. We may ask you to submit proof of your answers later.
  • If you are renewing FoodShare benefits at the same time, you’ll need to do an interview with a worker for that program.
  • Your local agency will follow up if they need more information. When they have finished looking at your information, you will get a letter that tells you if your benefits are staying the same or changing.
  • Your benefits will end if you do not complete your renewal by the due date.

Download the enrollment renewal fact sheet: English (PDF) | Hmong (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)


How do I complete my renewal?

The easiest way is through your ACCESS account at If you don't have an ACCESS account, you can create one now. Once you've logged in, look for the alert that says “Benefit Renewals Due For” and click the program name to get started. You can renew benefits for BadgerCare Plus and Family Planning Only Services online, but not Caretaker Supplement. 

Complete my renewal online

For all programs, you can renew by mail. Simply review, make changes, and return the prefilled renewal packet we sent you.

If you don’t have your renewal packet, you can still renew by mail with a little extra work. Download and fill out the form below for your specific program. Although these forms are usually for new applications, you can also use them for your renewal if needed.

You can also renew by phone or in person. Contact your local agency to make an appointment.


Get free, expert help

If you need help completing your renewal or finding other health insurance, visit or call 211 or 877-947-2211 to reach a local navigator. Learn more about health insurance navigators and how they can help you.

Last revised March 21, 2023