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Environmental Public Health Tracking: Resources and Publications

Find newsletters, surveillance briefs, success stories, publications, and more on this page from the Wisconsin Environmental Public Health Tracking Program.

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Near real-time data resources

We collect success stories from communities that have integrated Environmental Public Health Tracking data and resources into their work. If you have a story to share, please let us know!

Success Stories
Story Topic Story Location Story Title
Well Water Portage County Targeted Well Testing and Source Testing in a Small Wisconsin Village, P-02662 (PDF)
Well Water Florence and Marinette Counties Simplifying Well Water Test Results, P-01595c (PDF)
Well Water Florence and Marinette Counties Increasing Arsenic Testing in Private Wells, P-01595d (PDF)
Well Water Rock County Increasing Well Water Testing, P-01603 (PDF)
Nitrate Clark County Increasing Well Water Testing and Identifying Contamination Sources, P-02661 (PDF)
Nitrate Rock County Identifying Nitrate Sources to Improve Future Planning, P-01603a (PDF)
Nitrate Eau Claire County Development of a Nitrate Taskforce, P-01595a (PDF)
Well Water Eau Claire County Overcoming Communication Challenges to Improve Well Testing, P-01595b (PDF)
Well Water Eau Claire County A New Sampling Strategy: Using Partnerships to Improve Well Water Testing, P-01595 (PDF)
Well Water Eau Claire County Testing the Waters: Using Well Water Data to Target Outreach, P-00989a (PDF)
Heat Wisconsin Adding a Heat Response Plan Template to an Extreme Heat Toolkit, P-01611 (PDF)
Heat Lincoln County Creating an Extreme Heat Communication and Response Plan, P-01579a (PDF)
Heat Grant County Preventing Heat-Related Injury, P-01579 (PDF)
Heat Grant County Not the Usual Suspects: Using Heat-Related Injury Data to Inform Outreach Efforts, P-01578 (PDF)
Heat Lincoln County People Helping People: Lincoln County Health Department Nearly Doubles Cooling Centers for Heat Relief, P-01439 (PDF)
Health Impact Assessment Wisconsin The Role of Tracking in Assessing Health Outcomes of Wisconsin Industrial Sand Mining, P-00989d (PDF)
Policy Wisconsin Improving the Geographic Specificity of Hospitalization Data: From Use Case to Legislation, P-01437 (PDF)
Strategic Planning Wisconsin Part of the Plan: Inclusion of Tracking Data in Statewide Cancer Control Plan, P-00989e (PDF)
Data Quality Wisconsin Better Mapping for Better Public Health Outreach, P-00989c (PDF)
Emergency Response Wisconsin Active Alerts for a Public Health Emergency: The Case of Carbon Monoxide, P-00989b (PDF)
Emergency Response Wisconsin Using Poison Center Data to Better Understand the Impact of "Bath Salts," P-00989 (PDF)
Lead Poisoning Wisconsin Wisconsin Tracking Data Used to Highlight Childhood Lead Poisoning as a National Problem, P-01958a (PDF)
Lead Poisoning Walworth County Including Lead Poisoning Testing Prompts in Electronic Medical Records, P-01958 (PDF)
Lead Poisoning Walworth County Identifying Potential Lead Hazards Via Windshield Survey, P-01958b (PDF)
Well Water Burnett County Creating Baseline Arsenic Well Water Test Data, P-02023 (PDF)
Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Monroe County Implementing a Multi-Component Sun Safety Campaign, P-02002 (PDF)
Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Monroe County Creating More Environments that Promote Sun Safety, P-02002a (PDF)
Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Monroe County Creating More Comprehensive Sun Safety Policies at Day Cares, P-02002b (PDF)
Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Door County Strengthening Sun Safety Policies at Child Care Centers, P-02002c (PDF)
Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Door County Implementing a Sun Safety Outreach Campaign, P-02002d (PDF)
Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Door County Educating Outdoor Workers about the Importance of Skin Cancer Prevention and Detection, P-02002e (PDF)
Birth Defects Wisconsin Policy Change in Reporting Birth Defects to Improve Surveillance Efforts, P-02063 (PDF)
Lead Poisoning Douglas County Investigation of Lead Exposure Among Shipyard Workers, P-02062 (PDF)
Well Water Rock County Establishing a Relationship with a University Geography Department to Build Mapping Capacity, P-02183 (PDF)
Lead in Water Waukesha County Testing Water for Lead in Schools, P-02249 (PDF)
Lead Poisoning Douglas County Minnesota and Wisconsin Collaborate to Curb Occupational Lead Exposure Among Shipyard Workers
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Bayfield County Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, P-02276 (PDF)
Lyme Disease Eau Claire County Lyme Disease Ticks Me Off! Lyme Disease Surveillance and Outreach, P-02285 (PDF)
Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Fond du Lac County Enhanced Sun Safety Messaging and Outreach, P-02333 (PDF)
Well Water La Crosse County Moving Local Nitrate Data to Focused Recommendations, P-02347 (PDF)
Lead in Water Rock County Evaluating the Risk of Lead in School Drinking Water, P-02352 (PDF)
Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Calumet County Leading a Sun Safety Campaign, P-02002f (PDF)
Well Water Marquette County Reducing Barriers to Well Testing, P-02513 (PDF)
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Eau Claire County Getting Alarmed: Improving Carbon Monoxide Detection, P-02276A (PDF)
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Washburn County Increasing the Number of Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Low-Income Households, P-02276B (PDF)
Childhood Lead Poisoning Menasha, Wisconsin Creating a Publicly Accessible Home Lead Risks Database, P-02514 (PDF)

Increased Alcohol-Related Mortality in Wisconsin Pre-COVID: A Two-Decade Trend.
Wisconsin Medical Journal, 2022

Measuring work-related risk of COVID-19: comparison of COVID-19 incidence by occupation and industry - Wisconsin, September 2020-May 2021.
Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2022

Fish consumption and advisory awareness in the Great Lakes basin.
Science of the Total Environment, 2022

Assessment of extreme heat preparedness in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Medical Journal, 2021, Volume 120, Number 3

Fish consumption and awareness of fish advisories among Burmese refugees: A respondent-driven sampling study in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
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Pulmonary illness related to E-cigarette use in Illinois and Wisconsin - final report
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Adult asthma control and self-management, Wisconsin 2012–2016
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Survey of radon testing and mitigation by Wisconsin residents, landlords, and school districts
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E-cigarette product use, or vaping, among persons with associated lung injury - Illinois and Wisconsin, April-September 2019
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Severe pulmonary disease associated with electronic cigarette product use - interim guidance
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Carbon monoxide exposure and poisoning cases in Wisconsin, 2006-2016
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Exposures to opioids among Wisconsin children and adolescents, 2002-2016
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Extreme heat: Who's at highest risk?
Minnesota Medicine, 2019, Volume 102, Number 3

Notes from the field: Occupational carbon monoxide exposure in an industrial kitchen facility - Wisconsin, 2017
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Occupational mercury exposure at a fluorescent lamp recycling facility - Wisconsin, 2017
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An occupational legacy: Malignant mesothelioma incidence and mortality in Wisconsin
Journal of Occupation and Environmental Medicine, 2018, Volume 60, Number 12

Lead exposure among workers at a shipyard—Wisconsin, 2015-2016
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Taking action with data: Improving environmental public health at the community level
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Improving outreach and surveillance efforts following a large-scale carbon monoxide poisoning in Wisconsin
Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 2017, Volume 23, Number 1

Heat vulnerability index mapping for Milwaukee and Wisconsin
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Drinking-water treatment, climate change, and childhood gastrointestinal illness projections for northern Wisconsin (USA) communities drinking untreated groundwater
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Occurrence of Amblyomma americanum (Acari: Ixodidae) and human infection with Ehrlichia chaffeensis in Wisconsin, 2008-2015
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Notes from the field: Occupational lead exposures at a shipyard - Douglas County, Wisconsin, 2016
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Electronic cigarette exposure: Calls to Wisconsin Poison Control Centers, 2010-2015
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Exposure to elevated carbon monoxide levels at an indoor ice arena - Wisconsin, 2014
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Using environmental public health tracking to identify community targets for public health actions in childhood lead poisoning in Wisconsin
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Heat stress illness hospitalizations - Environmental Public Health Tracking Program, 20 states, 2001-2010
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Heat-related fatalities in Wisconsin during the summer of 2012
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Private drinking water quality in rural Wisconsin
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Environmental health indicators of climate change for the United States: Findings from the State Environmental Health Indicator Collaborative
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Measuring the environmental health of Wisconsin's counties
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Using a partnership barometer to evaluate environmental public health tracking activities
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Effective environmental public health surveillance programs: A framework for identifying and evaluating data resources and indicators
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Evaluation of five data sources for inclusion in a statewide tracking system for accidental carbon monoxide poisonings
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Linking childhood cancer with potential environmental exposure determinants
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Wisconsin's Environmental Public Health Tracking Network: Information systems design for childhood cancer surveillance
Environmental Health Perspectives, 2004, Volume 112, Number 14


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