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Healthy Homes: Keep Your Home Safe and Healthy

The places we live, work, learn and play can have a crucial impact on our health and quality of life. Learn about indoor health hazards and take action to keep your family safe and healthy.

  • Learn about the Eight Healthy Homes Principles.
  • Use this checklist to take action steps to make your home healthy and safe.
  • Learn more about home health hazards and what you can do about them with the videos below.

Hot Topics

Keep a Healthy Home

7 principles of a healthy home

Keep it Climate-Friendly

Tips to combat climate change at home

Keep it Well-Ventilated

Radon testing is the key

Keep it Contaminant-Free

Know your lead number

Keep it Smoke-Free

Secondhand smoke and asthma

Keep it Clean

Asthma triggers


You can learn about more home health topics by visiting the pages below.


Looking for something specific? Check out the environmental hazards page for even more topics.

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Last revised September 20, 2021