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What's Around You Can Impact Your Health

The Department of Health Services looks at how the world around us can impact our health. We help people determine the health impact of problems in the air, water, and soil around them, like chemical spills and industrial waste. We review the likelihood of a problem like this hurting people and provide education on how they can protect themselves and their families if there is a risk.

Learn what's around you

You can learn more about what's in the air, water, and soil that is around you by searching the Wisconsin Remediation and Redevelopment Database, or visit the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Envirofacts for an assessment of your environment using your ZIP code.

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Environmental Cleanup and Redevelopment has information on the DNR's efforts to clean up and redevelop the environment, including work at Superfund sites.

Take action to protect yourself

Our resources provide information so you can keep you and your family safe. In general, children are more impacted by the environment than adults, so learn specific steps you can take to keep your children healthy and safe.

 At home

There are simple steps you can take to keep yourself and your family safe in the home. This includes things like keeping windows with lead paint clean and in good working order and testing your home for radon.

 At work

Don't forget, we can be exposed to environmental hazards at work. Learn how to protect yourself at work.


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Last revised February 6, 2023