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Wisconsin EMS Scope of Practice

Wisconsin EMS Clinical Care

Scope of Practice

The scope-of-practice document identifies the skills, equipment, and medications approved for use at each identified level of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) licensure or certification in Wisconsin. The scope of practice is a description of what a licensed provider or individual legally can, and cannot, do.

This document was updated in March 2022.

Wisconsin EMS State Protocol Documents

The 2022 Wisconsin EMS Protocols are a voluntary resource for the EMS service medical director to use as patient care protocols, as defined in Wis. Admin. Code ch. DHS 110.04 (54). If you would like to adopt this document, please complete the 2022 Wisconsin EMS Protocols Voluntary Adoption and Attestation survey. Please direct any questions to your regional coordinator.

2022 Administrative Version Protocols 


Last revised May 6, 2022