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Local Data on Poverty Status and Health Insurance Coverage in Wisconsin

This page provides access to local information about poverty status and health insurance coverage for many localities in Wisconsin. Estimates of the number and percent of the population by poverty status, health insurance coverage over the past year, and type of health insurance are based on combined years of Wisconsin Family Health Survey results.

A separate data page is available for each of the counties where there was a sufficient number of survey responses to produce reliable estimates; for each of the five Department of Health Services regions; and for the state as a whole.

Please choose from the list below to see findings for individual areas. The information is also available as a single Excel spreadsheet for the years below

Technical Notes (2014-2016 data)

Please review the accompanying technical notes (PDF) for detailed information about the data.

State, Region or County Data

Statewide: Wisconsin

DHS Regions: Northern / Northeastern / Southern / Southeastern / Western


For more information, contact the Office of Health Informatics.

Last revised January 28, 2021