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Healthcare-Associated Infections in Long-Term Care Coalition

The purpose of the Coalition is to provide a forum for representatives from multiple professional organizations as well as professional individuals working together in the long-term care industry.


Through this joint effort, we hope to improve:

  • Infection prevention and control within Wisconsin skilled nursing facilities.
  • Quality of care that we deliver to our residents.
  • Job and career satisfaction among workers in our industry.

To reach these goals, the Coalition will:

  • Identify and promote best practice in infection prevention and control within the post-acute and long-term skilled care environment.
  • Identify areas of need for recognition, management, and control of emerging problems in infectious disease that may affect the residents of our facilities.
  • Facilitate communication, information, and resource sharing among ourselves, as well as among all long-term skilled care facilities in Wisconsin.
  • Organize and present workshops, symposiums, and clinical tool-kits on infection prevention and control topics. This education will improve the knowledge, professional skills, resident care, and employee health in our facilities.
  • Serve as an educational resource to inform infection prevention and control efforts in long-term care.

Contact us

To find out more, contact Vicky Griffin, RN, BSN, infection preventionist/nurse consultant.

Last revised January 12, 2023