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PCP: Implementation

Implementing Person-Centered Planning (PCP) can be difficult. The mere idea of change can leave some to dig into their current way of working, while others may have little motivation or capacity to sustain a change.

Make change happen

Successful implementation is purpose-driven, where people work together on a shared mission to “make change happen.” This is compared to a “let it happen” approach, as well as a “hope it happens” approach. Current ways of thinking emphasize that the pathway to change is through training(s). Training is just one part of implementation. Training on a practice, in this case Person-Centered Planning, is important for initial learning as it allows staff to explore the fit of the practice in their work. However, training alone does not support the implementation of Person-Centered Planning into routine practice as expected by our model.

When implementation fails, it is not due to the failure of one person. Part of the “make it happen” approach is assembling the right team, an implementation team. An implementation team should include people with a range of skills and expertise from within and outside of a system, including people at all levels of a program or organization (direct service staff, supervisors, data and administrative staff, and people receiving services).

A good place to start your implementation journey is to learn more about implementation drivers. Visit the National Implementation Research Network's website for more information.

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Last revised February 8, 2023