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Board for Evaluation of Interpreters

January 2023 Updates

The Wisconsin BEI program is now offering the BEI Master test. This means all tests that are a part of the BEI testing system for hearing interpreters are now available in Wisconsin. The BEI testing system includes the Test of English Proficiency (TEP), and the three performance tests (basic, advanced, and master).

We are now following a new regular test schedule. The TEP and performance tests will be offered quarterly. Current test dates for the TEP and the performance tests are now posted to our website. Please see the TEP webpage and the performance test webpage to find the 2023 dates.

Finally, continuing education units (CEUs) will be required to maintain a Wisconsin BEI certification. We anticipate having CEU details finalized by February 1, 2023. We will communicate those details with the BEI email list and post them on the BEI website as soon as we can. For more information on these updates, please see the GovDelivery message.

If you have any questions, please email the BEI mailbox.

View this announcement in American Sign Language.

The Board for Evaluation of Interpreters' (BEI) primary goal is to ensure that prospective interpreters are proficient in their ability to meaningfully and accurately comprehend, produce, and transform American Sign Language (ASL) to and from English.

The performance portion of the BEI is broken into three levels of certification: basic, advanced, and master.

Prior to being eligible to take any of the performance assessments, individuals are required to take and pass the Test of English Proficiency (TEP).

All three levels of the BEI performance assessment are now offered in Wisconsin.

For more information, see our BEI Frequently Asked Questions or subscribe for email updates.

Last revised March 23, 2023