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Training for Public Health Employees in Wisconsin

Training materials are intended for state, regional, and local public health employees in Wisconsin.

These training materials are free of charge and are for educational use only. If you have any questions, please contact Christie Reese.

Public health new employee orientation sessions

2022 Vimeo showcase of recorded presentations (Slide deck for presentation listed below)

    Resource documents

    Occupational Health and Safety Surveillance Program

    Provides data, fact sheets and information on occupational injuries and illnesses. Staff can assist LHDs with questions related to workplace exposures or outbreaks. Contact us at or visit our webpage.

    Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene’s Occupational Health Training and Consultation Resources

    WisCon at WSLH provides occupational health trainings and free consultation services to both businesses and public agencies. In 2023, DHS has partnered with WisCon to create trainings of particular interest to local public health. These trainings and services are designed to enhance LHDs’ capacity to handle relevant workplace health and safety concerns in their jurisdictions and can also help LHDs protect the health and safety of their workforce.

    Region V Public Health Training Center

    The Region V Public Health Training Center (RVPHTC) seeks to advance the skills of the current and future public health workforce to improve population health outcomes. Part of the Public Health Learning Network (PHLN), the RVPHTC develops online and in-person trainings on a variety of public health topics.

    Learn more about our available trainings, including our Training Needs Assessment.

    Public Health Learning Navigator

    The Public Health Learning Navigator is an interactive resource for finding public health learning modules that includes a vetting process. Before a training module is made available, the content is reviewed and screened for quality standards.

    Learn more about the quality review process, or browse available training modules.

    New to Public Health Residency Program

    The New to Public Health (N2PH) Residency Program is an innovative, professional development program designed to support new public health professionals transitioning into a local, regional, tribal, or state public health agency.

    Visit the New to Public Health Residency Program to learn more.

    Archived resources

    Archived public health new employee orientation sessions

    2021 Vimeo Showcase of recorded presentations (Slide decks for presentations linked below)

    Last revised March 22, 2023