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Chronic Disease Prevention Program Contacts

The Chronic Disease Prevention Program in the Division of Public Health provides resources and technical assistance for chronic disease prevention and treatment. From the contact list below, select the person who best matches your request.

Program Contacts
Program Area Name Phone
Principal Investigator Dr. Mark Wegner 608-267-3835
Program Director Mary Pesik 608-267-3694
Communications Specialist Ryan Budziszewski 608-267-0236
Community Health Workers Morgan Krhin 608-977-1059
Coverdell Stroke Program John Bowser 608-590-3162
Prediabetes and National Diabetes Prevention Program State Quality Specialist Pam Geis 262-573-3983
Early Childhood Health Martin Salas 608-267-1449

Evaluation / Epidemiology / Surveillance

Shelby Vadjunec
Lena Swander
Grants Specialist Kathy Clark 608 267-7809
Heart Health Coordinator Anne Gargano Ahmed 608-261-7826
Nutrition Kelli Stader 608-267-9194
Healthy Communities Coordinator Lexi Davis  608-261-8868
Diabetes Quality Initiatives Coordinator Marilyn Hodgson 608-267-3565
Wisconsin Population Health Service Fellow Benjamin Andert 608-867-4443
Last revised June 15, 2022