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Asthma: Wisconsin Asthma Statistics

You can find Wisconsin asthma statistics on this page. If you’re looking for a summary of asthma data in Wisconsin, read our Wisconsin Asthma Burden Report 2020, P-02412-20 (PDF). The report provides a summary of asthma burden data in Wisconsin and describes the scope of the asthma problem, including numbers of people:

  • With asthma (prevalence).
  • Experiencing severe asthma symptoms (control).
  • Accessing health care to treat asthma (health care usage).
  • Dying from asthma (mortality).

Use the following links to find hospitalization and emergency department (ED) rates by county. You can scroll down to see county maps for each.

Asthma Information Graphic


Map of average number of asthma hospitalizations by county

Map of average number of asthma emergency department visits by counties

Last revised January 3, 2023