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Antimicrobial Stewardship: Medical and Veterinary Education

Due to the increasing importance of antibiotic stewardship, an understanding of the basic tenets of antibiotic prescribing is critical for all students in human and animal health care practices (e.g., medical, dental, nursing, veterinary, pharmacy) who may be prescribing and managing antibiotics for patients.

While there are many facets of effective stewardship, education is a cornerstone of most programs. Education has traditionally been focused on clinicians and clinical pharmacists. Little attention has been paid to trainees, including medical students and residents, who may benefit more from antibiotic stewardship education while they are in their early development of prescribing habits.

Studies have shown that approximately 90% of graduating medical students responded that they would like more education on the appropriate use of antibiotics. Findings show that the opportunity to reach trainees at critical moments in their careers may lead to enhanced antibiotic stewardship over their career duration. Given the gap in widespread stewardship knowledge, in some settings and disciplines, educational activities and curricula are increasingly important.


These learning materials focus on terminology and foundational concepts in antibiotic stewardship while assisting learners with application in their early clinical practice.

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Medical and veterinary students may also find some additional DHS Antimicrobial Stewardship webpages helpful:

  • Inpatient Care provides information on antibiotic prescribing in hospitals
  • Outpatient Care provides information on antibiotic prescribing for the health care community
  • Antimicrobial Resistance provides information on bacteria resistant infections
  • One Health provides information about antibiotic use in animals and interactions with humans.
Last revised September 1, 2021