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WIC Vendor - Grocery - Authorization




Authorization to sell authorized foods to participants in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Woman, Infants and Children (WIC).


Three years.




  • Grocery and pharmacy must be located in Wisconsin;
  • The vendor has a fixed location and regular established hours of operation;
  • Charge reasonable prices for WIC foods - prices charged for WIC foods must not exceed 115% of the average prices charged by other vendors in the Local WIC Project service area;
  • Have adequate stock levels of WIC foods;
  • Acceptable history with WIC, SNAP/FoodShare Program, and other food and nutrition programs of the United States Department of Agriculture;
  • Must have satisfactory site visit; and
  • Complete a training session.

    Also see our website on How to Become a WIC Vendor.

Required documentation

  • Proof of ownership of the business;
  • Copy of license as retail food establishment; and
  • Registration with the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) of any corporation or partnership.


To apply, please see our website on How to Become a WIC Vendor.

Print ALL documents for a complete application pack

Instructions are included with application materials.

Wisconsin statute

Federal Title 7 CFR Part 246, Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children and
Wisconsin Stat. § 253.06, State supplemental food program for women, infants, and children.

Wisconsin administrative code

Other agencies involved

Read the Department of Revenue's booklet entitled Grocers - How Do Wisconsin Sales and Use Taxes Affect your Operation?

Program information

For a program overview, visit the WIC website.

Last revised January 26, 2023