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Lead (Pb) Principal Instructor

Approval for an individual certified in an appropriate discipline to instruct and manage an accredited lead training class.




A person who is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services who has the primary responsibility for organizing and teaching a training course.


Valid until the expiration of the instructor's qualifying lead certification.


For initial approval, Lead Hazard Reduction - $100, Lead Investigation - $100, and Project Design - $50.

For renewal approval, Lead Hazard Reduction - $50, Lead Investigation - $50, and Project Design - $25.


Required documentation


For application packet contact 608-261-6876 or e-mail the Asbestos Program.

Wisconsin statute

Wisconsin administrative code

Wisconsin Administrative Code ch. DHS 163, Certification for the Identification, Removal and Reduction of Lead-Based Paint Hazards.

Program information

Last revised March 29, 2022