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Dementia Care System: Guiding Principles

The Wisconsin Dementia Care Guiding Principles describe the values and practices needed for high-quality, effective care and support for all people living with dementia. They also include a strong emphasis on:

  • Prevention or relief of crisis situations.
  • Consumer awareness.
  • Person-centered care.
  • Community engagement.

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The Wisconsin Dementia Care Guiding Principles are not regulatory in nature. They do not replace the many existing high-quality programs, practices, and tools already available. Instead, the principles add to these resources. They provide common terminology and an understanding of shared values.

Find links to the Wisconsin Dementia Care Guiding Principles booklet and each section of the booklet below. There is also a sample of the Guiding Principles poster.

Wisconsin Dementia Care Guiding Principles poster

Order a poster today (PDF)

Poster sample: Dementia Care Guiding Principles


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Last revised December 30, 2022