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Informative Documents and Publications Library

Informative documents and publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services are available electronically and/or for paper order. Review the "Available to Order" column below to ensure availability in paper format. If the document is available to order in a paper version, there will be a "Yes" with a link to ordering instructions.

When you are searching for a document, enter the number or a portion of the title in the search box below. 

Assigned Number Sort descending Title Division Language Release Date File Type Available to Order
N/A Dunn County: July 1, 2008 Population DPH English 07/2015 Excel
N/A GAC: Oral Health Program Fluoride Mouthrinse Program Boundary Statement - 2020 DPH English 08/2019 PDF
N/A Iowa County: July 1, 2010 Population DPH English 07/2015 PDF
N/A Performance Improvement in Public Health Learning Session 2 DPH English 08/2015 PowerPoint
N/A SCOB Community Conversation Follow-up Letter, July 21, 2022 DPH English 08/2022 PDF
N/A CORE Conversations: Module 2 DMS English 05/2021 PDF
N/A Assisted Living Forum Presentation - March 17, 2022 DQA English 03/2022 PDF
N/A Executive Committee Meeting Agenda May 7, 2020 DPH English 01/2021 PDF
N/A Northern Region: July 1, 2010 Population DPH English 07/2015 Excel
N/A Final GCPD Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, January 5, 2023 DPH English 02/2023 PDF
N/A Paramedic Operational Plan Components DPH English 08/2015 Word
N/A Letter to Families on the CLTS Wait List During COVID-19 DMS English 05/2020 PDF
N/A GCPD Executive Committee Meeting Agenda, July 21, 2022 DPH English 07/2022 PDF
N/A Nassof - Inaugurate Change to Advance SSI Reduction DPH English 09/2018 PDF
N/A Legislative Briefing: Unwinding DMS English 03/2023 PDF
N/A WCMH: Criminal Justice Committee Strategic Plan DCTS English 12/2020 PDF
N/A GCPD Employment Sub-Committee Meeting Agenda, March 7, 2022 DPH English 02/2022 PDF
N/A mmwebinar060216 DMS English 06/2016 PDF
N/A Draft GCPD Opportunities and Access Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes, December 1, 2022 DPH English 12/2022 PDF
N/A CHIPP Presentation for Spring 2017 New Health Officer Orientation DPH English 04/2017 PDF
N/A FoodShare Handbook Release 16-01 Cover Sheet DMS English 06/2016 PDF
N/A Milwaukee County CBRF Assisted Living Profiles DQA English 03/2023 PDF
N/A DHS DMS Omnibus Telehealth Proposed Rule Order OLC English 11/2022 PDF
N/A CGDD - Records - Correction of Information DCTS English 12/2021 PDF
N/A FoodShare Caseload Assistance Groups - 2020 DMS English 01/2021 Excel
N/A Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Transition - Member Presentation (Hmong) DMS Hmong 11/2021 PDF
N/A Charge 5 Training Validation Worksheet and Checklist OHE English 01/2023 Excel
N/A Children's Community Health Plan Hospital BadgerCare Plus DMS English 12/2018 PDF
N/A Fond du Lac County: July 1, 2010 Population DPH English 07/2015 PDF
N/A TIAC: Massage Therapy DMS English 01/2021 PDF
N/A CMP Project Report: Wisconsin Reallocation of Underspent Funds DQA English 01/2023 PDF
N/A CPD By-Laws Committee Minutes August 13, 2020 DPH English 12/2020 PDF
N/A COVID-19 State-wide Emergency Order DPH English 01/2021 PDF
N/A Introduction to Implicit Bias for Public Health Employee Orientation DPH English 08/2021 PDF
N/A Hospital 2018: Citations by Category Chart Third Quarter DQA English 11/2022 PDF
N/A 2022 Listing of CARS Profile Close Out Dates DES English 01/2023 Excel
N/A Douglas County: July 1, 2011 Population DPH English 07/2015 PDF
N/A Brown County RCAC Assisted Living Profiles DQA English 03/2023 PDF
N/A Independent Care Health Plan (iCare) OB-GYN SSI DMS English 02/2020 PDF
N/A Agenda for October 2019 PH Orientation DPH English 09/2019 PDF
N/A Wisconsin Hospice Survey Statistics, Calendar Year 2019 Roster DQA English 05/2021 PDF
N/A April 2018 - Strategic Incremental Renewal Phase I DMS English 09/2022 PDF
N/A Adams County: July 1, 2012 Population DPH English 07/2015 PDF
N/A Wisconsin's Zika Response Activity Overview DPH English 07/2020 PDF
N/A HHA 2017: Deficiency Citations Chart Fourth Quarter DQA English 02/2018 PDF
N/A EMS Scope of Practice DPH English 03/2023 PowerPoint
N/A 2017 HAI Spring Conference - When to Submit a Urine Specimen for Testing? Case Study DQA English 01/2018 PDF
N/A Emergency Operations Center (EOC) - Incident Briefing DPH English 10/2015 Word
N/A DHS Data Warehouse ENC_DM Release Notes DMS English 12/2019 PDF
N/A Healthy Lifestyle Grant Recipients, June 2006 - May 2007 Project Summaries DPH English 08/2015 PDF
Last revised January 23, 2023