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Early Childhood Systems: Keeping Kids Alive – Definitions

The Keeping Kids Alive Initiative focuses on Child Death Review (CDR) and Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) to be implemented by local or regional teams in a systematic manner. Case review findings will lead to recommendations for prevention strategies. Community/Regional Action Prevention Teams or other community coalitions will implement the recommendations for prevention through evidence-based interventions to improve infant and child health outcomes.

Child Death Review (CDR)

CDR teams seek to understand the risk factors and circumstances surrounding the death of the child. Through multidisciplinary team membership, a comprehensive understanding of the incident is gained. Common team members include coroner/medical examiner, human services, health department, law enforcement, health care professionals and other agencies. CDR teams review all child deaths from birth through age 18. However, local CDR teams can adjust the age range to best meet the needs of their community. The death of a child is a community tragedy. CDR teams seek to learn from the tragedy in order to prevent it from happening again. Reviewing all child deaths allows local communities to track trends and catalyze local prevention.

Child Death Review Autopsy Guidelines, P-02155 (PDF)

Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR)

FIMR teams are action-oriented groups that seek to identify risk factors and circumstances surrounding a fetal or infant death. FIMR teams are multidisciplinary groups who represent the communities they serve. FIMR teams review all fetal and infant deaths from 20 weeks or 350 grams through the first birthday. A maternal interview and thorough case review are key components.

CDR and FIMR Sample Outcomes:

  • Initiate a new CDR Team in their community where one previously did not exist (taking into consideration fetal deaths along with infant and child deaths).
  • Assess the fidelity of an existing CDR Team to the Keeping Kids Alive in Wisconsin Model.
  • Assess the ability of the community, with an existing CDR Team, to review fetal deaths.
  • Implement and evaluate a plan to address issues brought forth from one of the above assessments.
Last revised August 31, 2020